1000 Fireworks

A patch by 0VRLNDR

±5 8-JI Distortion Noise Unusual West Coast

Patch Instructions

1000 Fireworks patch for the Moog Subharmonicon

A fireworks celebration for passing 1000 followers on Instagram! Thank you to everyone who has followed and enjoyed this channel. Many more patches to come, and please if you own a Subharmonicon, submit your patch to share with the world!

  1. Patch VCO 1 OUT to VCO 2 IN
  2. VCO 2 SUB 2 OUT to VCA
  3. With a mult or splitter, patch VCA EG OUT to both VCO 2 SUB IN and VCO 1
  4. Play the CUTOFF and RESONANCE and be prepared for some surprises!
    Some explanatory notes: the VCA EG is turning the SUB 2 FREQ knob for you. That in turn is input back into the VCA. This gives constant and unstable pitch and volume dynamics. By patching VCO 1 into VCO 2, we add some noise and modulation, which is ALSO being turned constantly by the VCA EG. Add the additional layers of the sequenced steps and polyrhythms, and we're approaching "west coast synth" territory, with noise, whooshes, and explosions of sound that celebrate with fireworks!