A patch by Fawns of Love

±1 8-ET Ambient Pads Atmospheric

Patch Instructions

At-Moog-Sphere patch for the Moog Subharmonicon

This patch from Fawns of Love is a fantastic demonstration of the importance of your signal path and effects. The end of the clip you can hear the dry signal, which is wildly simple, but demonstrates how to use this wonderful instrument for fantastic atmosphere.

  1. Tune both VCO 1 and VCO 2 to the same note. We won't be using the SUBs.
  2. Patch VCO 1 SUB 2 OUT to VCO 2 PWM IN.
  3. Turn the rest of the knobs and press the other buttons per the template.
  4. In your effects chain, at a tempo of 60 BPM:
  • 1/8 note dotted delay
  • 1/16 delay
  • 5.40 sec decay reverb
  • chorus

This patch was submitted by Fawns of Love. Give them a listen at the link there, or check out their Instagram at @fawnsoflove.