Buchlaesque & Resonant

A patch by drowseportland

±2 Unquantized Ambient Pads Swells Unusual West Coast

Patch Instructions

Buchlaesque & Resonant patch for the Moog Subharmonicon

A Buchlaesque, living, almost generative music patch from Kyle Mackenzie Bates of Drowse. West coast synth sounds from the king of East coast synth gear? Sacrilige or genius? You decide.

  1. SEQ 1 OUT to RHYTHM 3
  2. VCO 2 SUB 1 OUT to VCO 1 PWM
  3. VCO 1 SUB 2 OUT to VCO 2 PWM
  4. VCF EG OUT to VCA
  6. UNQUANTIZE!!!!++++$$$$$
  7. Play the RESONANCE and VOLUME

The linked sample on SoundCloud is a dry signal, but Kyle also made it available with some effects courtesy the Eventide Timefactor here: Buchlaesque Resonant Moog Subharmonicon Patch w/Eventide Timefactor