A patch by 0VRLNDR

±1 8-ET Ambient Atmospheric Dark Swells Unusual Moody

Patch Instructions

Debrisless patch for the Moog Subharmonicon

Wild PWM using an external LFO. Use any CV LFO source you have, this was recorded using the LFO OUT from a MOOG WERKSTATT-01. Feeling a bit moody as the show Debris has been canceled. Even if it's a genre you don't like, the soundtrack and sound design is worth the hours.
First 15 seconds of this patch are dry, and it's already wild, but Hybrid Reverb in Ableton 11 (Textures + Tides algorithm) pushes it a few light years.

  1. Turn the knobs as indicated.
  2. Patch VCO 2 OUT to VCO 1 SUB IN.
  3. VCO 1 OUT to VCO 2 IN
  4. VCF EG OUT to VCO 1 IN
  5. VCO 1 SUB 2 OUT to CUTOFF
  6. External LFO out to VCO 1 PWM IN