A patch by 0VRLNDR

±5 8-JI Ambient Blippy Dark Melodic Driving Unusual

Patch Instructions

Dwupsy patch for the Moog Subharmonicon

Whoa, let's unpack. First, this patch is using an external MIDI drum machine, specifically the Arturia Drumbrute Impact. That's the MIDI in (and the percussion in this sample), and is set to 114bpm.

  1. VOC 1 OUT to CUTOFF IN is providing some modulation
  2. VCF EG OUT to VCO 2 IN is modulating VCO 2's pitch
  3. VCO 2 OUT to RHYTHM 1 IN is providing some dynamic tempo changes
  4. SEQ 1 OUT to VCA IN is giving some amplification modulation
  5. CLOCK OUT to VCO 2 SUB IN is giving us some of the weird happenstance blips.

Play the VCF EG, both positive and negative, Cutoff and Resonance. Finally, VCF ATTACK and VCF DECAY are critical here, maintaining a tight ratio between the two (or not) to really make things space-y.