Filter ATM

A patch by 0VRLNDR

±1 8-JI Distortion Driving ModRhythm

Patch Instructions

Filter ATM patch for the Moog Subharmonicon

This patch was inspired by Sarah Belle Reid's recent video about a Fixed Filter Bank module, the Zlob VC F3DB. The module allows CV control of independent filter bands. Obviously that can't be done with the Subharmonicon as it just has one filter. BUT, the cutoff can be sequenced, and that's what we have here.
The patch uses a single pitch to highlight the lesson and technique here, the only modulation is occurring from the immediate switching of the cutoff to different values. I made three different versions with the patch bay with different timbres, then Noir et Blanc Vie and his Thursday night live stream community listened and voted, this was the winner.
Big thanks to both Sarah and Noir for having a hand in this new patch technique to add to the Subharmonicon quiver.

  1. Tune knobs accordingly, keep sequencer knobs at noon so they do not modify the pitch. Turn VCO 2 mixer completely down.
  2. Patch VCA OUT to VCO 1 IN.
  3. Patch any sequencer that has CV out to the CUTOFF. This patch uses the Arturia Keystep Pro, 87bpm, 16 steps, 1/8th note triplets, and each step is a C note at each octave. Sequencer order set to random, so it's basically just sending rhythmic voltage changes with a whole-volt relationship (1v/octave).
  4. Play VCO 1 SUB 2 to introduce some pitch variety.
    Filter Bank. Filter ATM. Get it? Dad joke title.