Happy Anniversary!

A patch by 0VRLNDR

±5 Blippy Driving Melodic Plucky

Patch Instructions

Happy Anniversary! patch for the Moog Subharmonicon

Happy Anniversary to the Moog Subharmonicon! May 12, 2020 you created a future classic synth. This is a happy, plucky patch that can give you ideas for the little sparkly things you can add to your tracks with this beast of an instrument.

  1. Tune the knobs, duh. But, as this is a +/-5 octave patch, it can be tough. Just tune each step to your liking on a pleasant chord with only the VCO 1 Level audible. Turning everything else down will make your life easier.
  2. RHYTHM 1 and RHYTHM 2 are set so that SEQUENCER 1 runs at 4x the speed of SEQUENCER 2, easiest to find by setting RHYTHM 2 all the way anti-clockwise first.
  3. Patch SEQ 2 OUT to VCO 1 IN. This is a great patch to keep in your pocket to increase the step count of your sequencer with the Subharmonicon. We're using SEQ 2 to influence VCO 1 which effectively gives us 16 steps instead of 4.
  4. Patch VCA OUT to VCO 1 PWM. You can play with the patch bay on this one, it just adds a little bit of flavor.
  5. Play All. The. Knobs.
  6. Use reverb sparingly and bring this instrument in to your mix to add another dimension.