Happy Free Thing

A patch by altruit

Melodic 12-ET ±2 Ambient Chords

Patch Instructions

Happy Free Thing patch for the Moog Subharmonicon

Those patch lines go to nowhere?! It's external gear, frenz! This patch makes use of an external clock (use any source you want, or internal if you don't have one), and the Moog Grandmother! Rad! Don't worry, if you don't have a Grandmother this patch is still super interesting with the Subharmonicon by itself.
This is quite specific, you'll find some things similar or nearby that are nifty, but if you want to recreate this patch, you'll need to sequence your pitches as follows (get out a free tuning app on your phone, or use your DAW):
SEQ 1 A♭(6), B♭(5), E♭(6), A♭(5)
SEQ 2 C♭, E♭(4), A♭(5), D♭(4)
CLOCK IN from Modular System
CLOCK OUT to Grandmother Modulation Sync in
TRIGGER OUT to Grandmother Modulation Rate in
2:1 cable Grandmother Wave out + Sample and Hold out to Grandmother Attenuator in
Grandmother Attenuator out to SubHarmonicon CUTOFF IN
Grandmother Attenuator mix for unique Modulation
/ enjoy
This patch is a community submission from @altruit, make sure you check out their channel. Constant creations with analog synths. Find them at SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and Facebook here: https://linktr.ee/Altruit