Octarine Dream

A patch by 0VRLNDR

±1 8-ET Driving Plucky Arpeggiated

Patch Instructions

Octarine Dream patch for the Moog Subharmonicon

Create a subtly moving, steady, root note octave-based background layer, in the vein of Tangerine Dream. Hence, Octarine Dream.
Highights of using the Subharmonicon specifically: We are only modifying pitch of one VCO. The other will drone with a fifth, and isn't sent to the sequencer. However! We are using two polyrhythms. It's the secret sauce to give us some interspersed triplets to really flesh things out.
Additionally we are using the patch bay to mirror our pitch of BOTH sequencers to open the cutoff. The result is that when playing one sequencer alone, we have some subtle dynamics. When we bring in the second sequencer, we are adding to that signal and really amplifying the peaks and valleys. Enjoy!

  1. Tune VCO 1 to your root note and VCO 2 to a 5th above.
  2. Tune SEQUENCER 1 pitches to full octaves.
  3. SEQUENCER 2's tuning doesn't need to be exact, it's only going to modulate the CUTOFF later.
  4. Set the other knobs accordingly.
  5. Patch SEQ 1 OUT to CUTOFF IN. Use a mult or a stackable cable because...
  6. Patch SEQ 2 OUT to CUTOFF IN as well.