These Darker Days

A patch by Ritsaert

±5 12-ET Dark Distortion Driving Plucky

Patch Instructions

These Darker Days patch for the Moog Subharmonicon

Community patch submission from Ritsaert. ±5 octave tunings can be hard to dial in from a template, since a teensy bump can have you off massively. If you have trouble recreating, check out Ritsaert's video tutorial building this patch.

  1. Tune both SEQUENCERS to match, as well as the VCOs. You'll need to use your ear, again if you have trouble see the video above.
  2. Patch VCO 2 OUT to VCA IN. When removed, the patch will give you the blippy beat moreso than the notes.
  3. Play the VCF EG AMT