Wandering Star

A patch by 0VRLNDR

±1 12-ET Bass Melodic Dark

Patch Instructions

Wandering Star patch for the Moog Subharmonicon

Partial cover of Wandering Star by Portishead. Musically, this isn't maximizing any features of the Subharmonicon other than its wonderful Moog-i-ness. Polyrhythms nary a one and Subharmonics are limited to octaves and fifths. The purpose of this patch—in addition to having a bit of fun—is to demonstrate using an external device to trigger the envelopes apart from the sequence steps.
It's a versatile tool, and doesn't even need CV per se. In this case we're using the FM Drum separate line output on the Drumbrute Impact to trigger on every quarter note, when the sequencer only moves every bar. That's right, an audio line out. Since it's lower voltage than CV, you need to make sure when using this method that the signal is at a loud enough volume and fast enough attack velocity for the Subharmonicon to perceive it as increasing voltage and trigger the...er...trigger.

  1. Tune VCO 1 SEQUENCER 1 to B3, B3, B3, A#3
  2. Tune VCO 2 SEQUENCER 2 to F#3, G3, F#3, F#3
  3. Tune the SUB oscilators of both VCOs to octaves below and/or fifths.
  4. MIDI IN from the Drumbrute Impact MIDI out. This gives our clock and transport controls.
  5. Patch FM Drum out on the Drumbrute Impact to Subharmonicon TRIGGER in.
  6. Step sequence FM Drum on the Drumbrute Impact on every quarter note.
  7. To make them play well together, tap RESET on the Subharmonicon before hitting Play on the Drumbrute Impact.

Obviously, you don't have to use the Drumbrute Impact specifically, or these exact settings, but hopefully it gives you an idea of how you can control triggers on your Subharmonicon from external gear.